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Open Cycle Gas Turbines (OCGT)

MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals has undertaken the construction of three Open Cycle Gas Turbines (OCGT) with a gross output of 299MW each on behalf of Drax Group plc, UK’s largest source of renewable electricity. The OCGTs are located in Hirwaun in Wales, Eye in Suffolk and Millbrook in Bedfordshire. The plants are all identical, each fitted with a Siemens Energy SGT5-4000F gas turbine. Each power plant is intended to be operated as a peaking plant, running up to 1,500 hours per year to support the grid at times of peak electricity demand and during any stress events.

Drax Group is a renewable energy company engaged in renewable power generation, the production of sustainable biomass and the sale of renewable electricity to businesses. Drax operates a generation portfolio of sustainable biomass, hydro-electric and pumped hydro storage assets across various sites in England and Scotland. The company also operates a global bioenergy supply business with manufacturing facilities at 17 plants and developments sites in the United States and Canada, producing compressed wood pellets for its own use and for customers in Europe and Asia.

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MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals, founded in Greece in 1990, is an industrial and energy multinational company, listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, with a consolidated turnover and EBITDA of €5.5 billion and €1.0 billion respectively and employs more than 6,144 direct and indirect workers in Greece and abroad. Through the Energy Sector, the company is strategically positioned at the forefront of the energy transition as an integrated "green" utility, while through the Metallurgy Sector the Company is establishing as a benchmark for competitive "green" metallurgy in the European landscape. The Company is focused on sustainability, it has set itself the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by at least 30% by 2030 and achieving a neutral footprint in its total business activity by 2050, based on ESG performance indicators for Environment, Society and the Governance. For more information, please visit:

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