About Progress Power Station

About the

01 Jun 2023
Progress Power Ltd
About Progress Power Station

Progress Power Limited (PPL), a subsidiary business of Drax Group, wishes to build a gas-fired power station in an area of Eye Airfield, a former World War II United States Air Force base safeguarded by Mid Suffolk District Council for development as an energy park.

About Progress Power Station

The Project

The Progress Power Station project will comprise:

  • A new Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) power peaking plant, also known as a Simple Cycle Gas Turbine capable of providing up to 299 Megawatts (MW) of electricity. Following consultation with the community in 2014/15 and additional technical work, the plant will incorporate a single gas turbine generator with one exhaust gas flue stack.
  • A new electrical connection via an underground cable circuit to export electricity from the power station to the National Grid Electricity Transmission System.
  • A new gas insulated electricity substation constructed by National Grid.
  • A new gas pipeline connection to bring natural gas to the power station from the Gas National Transmission System in the vicinity of the project site. This element incorporates an above ground installation (AGI) at its southern end and a new access road off Potash Lane.


Progress Power Station, once operational, could run up to a maximum of 1,500 hours in any given year. It will help support Great Britain’s energy security, providing back-up to other sources of electricity, including weather-dependent wind turbines and solar farms. The station will have the capacity to generate enough instant electricity to power 150,000 households.

Construction Progress

Piling work is underway and wider construction/commissioning will last approximately 24 months in total, with the power station due to enter commercial operation by June 2024. 

Contact us

If you have an enquiry regarding construction of the power station, please get in touch with the project team using the details below:

Email: progresspower@secnewgate.co.uk

Tel: 01379 776180